Sample Preparation

Sample preparation is very important for both electrical and physical failure analysis. We have state of the art sample preparation equipment such as optical microscopes (BX60, BX60M, Mitutoyo FS110), a Trion Reactive Ion Etcher, Allied High Tech Multiprep, and a three wheel Buehler Grinder/Polisher.

Some of our sample prep capabilities are:

  • Die thinning down to 75 um for backside analysis such as backside EMMI, EMISCOPE, OBIRCH, LIVA, TIVA
  • Layer by layer deprocessing using chemical wet and dry etches
  • Parallel Polish and Backside sample prep using a Buehler Polishes
  • Dry deprocess by reactive ion etching (RIE)
  • Wet deprocess by chemical etchants
  • Parallel lapping using the Allied High Tech Multiprep