Rework, Reball, Repackaging Capabilities

Chip Targets Inc. can rework/reball BGA devices. We can replace damaged solder balls with PbSn (eutectic) or lead-free solder balls. Chip Targets Inc. can also remove the die from one type of package or from a flex board , and then repackage them to another type of package such as open top plastic (scoop and goof), ceramic, or BGA packages.

System Capabilities and Specifications:

  • Can reball device down to 0.4mm pitch BGA and Chip Scale Packages with PbSn or leadfree solder balls.
  • Can repackage device down to 55um bond pad pitch.
  • Why Repackage?
    • Gain Access to the backside of the die (too many metal layers, stack die, etc.)
    • Repackage to a secondary package if test hardware/software is only available for the secondary package (eg. Flex devices, etc.)