V600FIB (Focus Ion Beam)

The V600FIB (Focus Ion Beam) combines resolution down to 5nm with the Camelot CAD software to provide very precise and detailed circuit edits. Whether you need to remove or add a connection the FIB enables you to do so on a single chip. Need to know the make up of a particular chip? Cross sections permit you to do this comparative analysis on a nanometer level. The V600FIB is capable of handling samples from a single die to an 8 inch wafer. With the CAD navigation, the guess work is taken out of location finding allowing precision on edits even when no surface features are available.

Fib Operations

  1. Cut
  2. Strap
  3. Cross Section
  4. FIB Probe Pads

System Capabilities and Specifications:

  • Chamber size: 8in wafer
  • Stage movement: 6 in wafer
  • Beam Resolution: 5nm
  • Variable Beam Voltage: 8kV to 30kV
  • Camelot Cad Navigation
  • 90 nm copper technology
  • Gases: W Deposition, Insulator Enhanced Etch (XeF2), Enhanced Etch (Iodine), Insulator Depostion, CuRX