Schlumberger IDS5000HX E-beam Prober

The IDS5000HX incorporates an electron-beam probe station with CAD/CAE tools to allow diagnosis and characterization processes for complex VLSI devices. Electron-beam probing uses the principle of “voltage-contrast imaging” to produce real-time images of an integrated circuit chip. At the same time, digital waveforms can be measured to determine how a particular device under test (DUT) behaves. The image is produced by raster scanning a finely focused beam of electrons over the DUT. When these primary electrons strike the DUT, secondary electrons are generated and detected by a photomultiplier tube assembly. The detection rate of secondary electrons is a function of the local electric field generated by different surface potentials on the DUT. A surface potential of +5V produces fewer secondary electrons then a 0V surface potential.

System Capabilities and Specifications

  • Both packaged parts and wafers can be probed
  • IDS CAD navigations
  • 10ps Scope Tool Resolution
  • +10/-10V Sampling Circuit