Hamamatsu PHEMOS 1000 Thermal Laser Stimulation and EMMI System

Hamamatsu PHEMOS 1000 is one of the most advanced systems which incoporate a laser to produce a thermal variation in semiconductor device. The thermal laser stimulation technique used by the Hamamatsu PHEMOS 1000 is known as OBIRCH (Optical Beam Induced Resistrance Change). Similar to TIVA/XIVA, OBIRCH has been used to detect shorts, very low leakages, and opens failure. The Hamamatsu PHEMOS 1000 also has an advanced CCD IR camera, thus it can also perform emission microscopy analysis.

For Reference, please click on the PHEMOS 1000 Brochure

System Capabilities and Specifications:

  • High spatial Resolution Image
  • OBIRCH Analysis (has proven to detect defect causing leakage in nanoAmps range)
  • Can perform analysis on both package and die level.
  • Capable to performing backside and frontside analysis
  • IDDQ Failure Analysis
  • Detection of metal defect