Hypervision Visionary2 Photoemission Microscope (PEM, EMMI, or PHEMOS)

The Visionary2 BEAMS is an advanced photoemission microscope (PEM or EMMI). PEM is a common failure analysis technique for semiconductor devices and is used to isolate many types of failures to the transistor level. The Visionary2 BEAMS uses a sensitive and advanced quantum efficient CCD camera to detect near infrared photons (light) emitted from photon-generating components such as PN junctions, bipolar/MOS transistors, or defects such as latchup or gate-oxide damage. Our Visionary2 BEAMS system uses a CCD camera that can detect photons that have a wavelength of 390 nm to 1500 nm, with a spectral response centered around 450 nm to 900 nm. The Visionary2 BEAMS also comes with a premier Hyperlens technology for maximum detection sensitivity

System Capabilities and Specifications:

• Can perform both backside and front side analysis
• Can be used for packaged devices and can also hold up to a 8″ wafer
• Spectral Response from 390nm to 1500nm, centered around 450nm to 900nm
• 1X Hyperlens, 5X NIR, 20X NIR, and 50X NIR lenses