Bal-Tec RES 101 Ion Mill System

In addition to being used for Transmission Electron Microscopy sample prep, the Bal-Tec RES Ion Mill System was designed for large area milling (up to 25mm sample) where it has its advantage over the wet chemical finishing or the Focus Ion Beam (FIB) techniques. The main disadvantage of wet chemical finishing techniques is that they are highly selective. Therefore, optimized processes are needed. The main disadvantage of the FIB technique is that it is a time consuming and expensive process. The Bal-Tech RES 101 Ion Mill System is particularly useful for helping overcome smearing effects whenever a cross-section preparation of a combination of very hard and soft material is required. We have used the Bal-Tech RES 101 for the following applications.

  • Identify delamination between the die and the die attach interface. Prior to ion milling, the delamination was not observed due to smearing effects.
  • More accurate Bond Line Thickness (die attach thickness).
  • Superior Microstructure of Au grain and Kirkendall voids of the Au thermosonic wire bonding to determine wire bonding strength and reliability.
  • Superior delineation of the contacts, VIAs, and metal layers.

System Capabilities and Specifications:

  • Two ion beam gun with gun angle from 0 to 45 degrees.
  • Surface Cleaning and Surface milling for contrast enhancement.
  • Processing of samples of up to 25 mm diameter.
  • The beam angle can be adjusted during polishing and either continuous or oscillating specimen rotation can be selected.